Breeders of beautiful Australian Cavoodle puppies

The Cavoodle, also known as a Cavapoo, is a hybrid of two complementary Toy breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Toy Poodle.

The result is one of the most enchanting of the  "designer" dogs, and one of the most enduringly popular of all the new canine hybrids.The Cavalier's gentle, sweet spaniel nature is joined to the Poodle's lively intelligence, loyalty and non-shedding coat to produce a relaxed, intelligent and amiable companion with a life span of around 14 years..

Loving and lovable, the Cavoodle is suitable for everyone of any age, for families and for singles, for children and for seniors, for city living or the country life, even for The Lodge - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard received a Cavoodle for her 50th birthday! Thanks to the Poodle genes, most Cavoodles have low-shedding to non-shedding coats, making  them good pets for asthmatics and the allergy-prone.

Cavoodles come in many colours (see our GALLERY ), and two sizes, Toy (up to 29cm) and Mini ( 30-33 cm). All Cavoodle are born with long soft ears, expressive eyes and large brows, and they keep that puppy face and happy disposition all their lives.

Cavoodle puppies

CavoodleLove is a boutique breeder, not a puppy mill.   Our first and second generation puppies are bred with care, and raised with love in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia & my daughter raises her pups close to the Hunter Valley.

Over the years our reputation has been our best advertisement. Many of our prospective buyers come to us by recommendation.